Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Guilds of Belegarth

Finding someone to teach you how to fight in Belegarth is rarely hard. Long standing knightly lineages have spread a wealth of knowledge across the country. Units and realms have worked to train their members and practice martial skills.

But what if you want to learn to sew? Or how to run an event? Or you have a skill you want to improve on that isn't fighting? For a long time, you'd have to find someone else that had that skill and hope they had an answer. Unlike fighting, where we now have at least a little structure to training, crafting and service have been lacking. The fact is, Belegrim need a place to grow and develop, where experts are easy to find and learn from.

That was where the idea of the Guilds of Belegarth was born. Under the mentorship of its members, Belegrim could not only learn a new skill, but eventually master it. Those masters, in turn, could be a mentor for others to follow.

At present, there are two guilds. The Artificer Guild focuses on all things crafting, from sewing and leather working to brewing amd weapons crafting. The Seneschal Guild is about all types of service, whether it is running events or serving the local realm. They are both open to anyone to join.

In order to reach the rank of Master and join one of the councils, members must be taken on as an Apprentice by a Mentor in a system not unlike many of the Knight/Squire systems throughout Belegarth. The idea being to give each Apprentice a guide along their path to reaching the rank of Master.

Sound like something you want to be involved with? Find us on Facebook or talk to a member in person. Tell your friends.

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