Sunday, June 8, 2014

Post Mortem: Armageddon 2014

Yet another oppressively hot, humid year at Geddon. I had a great time and am officially exhausted. Always a good sign. Since I just got back into town, I thought I'd write down a few thoughts about how the event went. Remember, none of this is meant as a jab at anyone. These are just observations to keep in mind for the next year.

Organization. This year seemed less organized than normal, not sure why. Troll was good, seemed to run smoothly, and as far as I could tell, it was all scheduled and taken care of. There seemed to be some confusion here or there about who was head herald and weapons checker. This happens. We really need to advertise these things (at troll perhaps) so people know who to talk to about their concerns. The disorganized feeling may have just been from not having personally been involved with the planning and execution of the event.

Weapons check. Same problems as always at check. Any inconsistencies cause people to grumble. Changes in checkers or head checker can alter the standard from one day to the next. This is something that the National Marshal Certification should help alleviate much of this problem, long term anyway. Roping off the area was a great idea and worked way better than cones. Overall, it seemed to run smoother than at Spring Wars.

Heralding. Seemed kind of light on heralds, but the field wasn't too large for them to handle, except maybe for unit or realm battles. I didn't personally see too many problems, only a few complaints about archer calls (which heralds were on top of). One note for the site, if used next year, need something to delineate hard edges of the world. Hay bales or marking paint would do just fine. Heralds had to spend a disproportionately large amount of time trying to enforce boundaries that weren't obvious.

Scheduling. Two endurance trials and several kingdoms battles all squeezed into Saturday. Of course, two of my friends were getting knighted, congratulations. It was just unfortunate there wasn't an easy way to work then in better. I suggested they raced through the trials, but no one seemed to go for it. They were, however, scheduled more off of peak fighting timed. On the bright side, with so many different things pulling fighters from the main field, most people seemed to find something to do. Weapons check was probably opened longer than necessary, didn't give people a reason to hurry to check.

Feast. I didn't stick around for Saturday's feast, so I can't speak on how it went or the timing. I do know it didn't interrupt fighting, which is good. I didn't eat Friday's feast, just wasn't something I wanted. I didn't hear any complaints, so it must have went relatively smooth. I don't remember if anyone actually announced it was being served. I may have just missed it.

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