Friday, September 12, 2014

Lands, Units, and Gear

I've had several people ask me a few good questions lately, so I thought it was probably a good idea to do another post.

I saw a thing on, can I get it delivered to practice?

The short answer is probably. Sirs Galin and Piper run the shop and frequent our practices. If they aren't too busy, they will usually accommodate such requests. Just send an email to and ask before, instead of doing any orders. Makes sure to let them know you are a new fighter in Numenor.

Can I make my own gear?

Yes. A few recommendations here though. Get a vet to help you with your first attempts. Forged Foam does sell materials, and the foam they have is far better than using what you will find at Walmart. When in doubt, talk to some of us vets and we'll steer you in the right direction.

What is this lands thing I keep hearing about?

In the feudal system, a lord might give his knights lands to live on. Each knight would then have civilians living on their lands. Something like that anyway.

We are trying to emulate that within the local group by having knights take a few new people under their wing (living on their lands). Squires and retainers help the knights tend to their lands, mostly by helping train new fighters.

As they can, Knights and their subordinates will help get new fighters trained and into basic garb, with a goal of ensuring them some success at Oktoberfest. We might do a few lands battles or divvy up teams by lands on occasion, so knights get a chance to fight along side those living on their lands.

Fair warning, this is an old system that is being used for the first time in many years.

How do lands and units interact?

They don't. You can be part of any unit, regardless of whose land you are on. 

What exactly is a unit, anyway?

From a few friends that all want to wear the same style of garb, to extensive groups spread across the country, units are usually groups that work together on the field and enjoy hanging out off the field. At events like Oktoberfest, they'll almost always camp together.

Different units usually have different goals when fighting. Dark Guard likes to flank, Uruk-hai is usually armored up line fighters, and Dunedain teaches everyone archery. Talk to different people and ask about their unit, if you are interested. If you go to Oktoberfesr, ask a vet to show you around so you can meet units that don't have a local following.


  1. And Hellhammer, Hellhammers. We are both a noun and a verb. dealwithit.gif

  2. I only mentioned local units, but yes, the heretics over at Hellhammer do indeed hellhammer things, or get hellhammered, something like that.